Anterior Maxillary Distraction

The normal arrangement of jaws in humans is such that the upper jaw is placed forward than the lower jaw. In some individuals affected by disorders like cleft lip & palate and other conditions, the upper jaw growth is restricted or has a lesser growth compared to the lower jaw.  If the upper jaw has grown less for any reason, it can be corrected surgically by a procedure known as Anterior maxillary distraction. This procedure involves placement of a screw activated appliance known as HYRAX fixed to the upper teeth, after this procedure a bone-splitting surgery is done in the upper jaw.

pre and post amd
Before after images of anterior maxillary distraction performed for a patient

After the surgical procedure, the screw appliance is activated at regular intervals to promote new bone formation between the split bone in the upper jaw. This procedure results in a pleasing appearance of the patient due to forward growth of the upper jaw and thus correcting the deformity. This procedure also helps the patient in better chewing efficiency than before as the new bone formed between the split bone segments can be used for dental rehabilitation.

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