Late Teething

When a child is born he/she has there tooth buds resting inside the gums and the eruption occurs eventually. but in some cases the eruptions delays due to some factors. Delayed eruption is the late emergence of the tooth into the oral cavity. A delayed eruption in kids is one of common cause that worries most of the parents.


  • Thick operculum(soft tissue covering the tooth)
  • Hereditary causes (inherited from parents)
  • Malnourishment (deficiency of vitamins and minerals such as vita D, calcium etc)
  • Systemic disorders such as hypothyroidism
  • Craniofacial anomalies and syndromes
  • Pathological obstructions such as a cyst, dilacerations.
  • Genetically missing


Late teething images

Not really, because every tooth has to erupt periodically and if a tooth is delayed to erupt it eventually leads to misalignment of the dentition. Hence if the eruption of a tooth is delayed beyond 6 months then you must consult your dentist to rule out the cause.

Another parent visited RDCH with her little daughter who was 10 yr old and her upper left and right front teeth didn’t emerge into the oral cavity. We took an x-ray of the same which showed the tooth was held by thick oral soft tissue lining. And we planned to do an Operculectomy which is the removal of the soft tissue covering the tooth enabling the same to erupt. we performed operculectomy under local anesthesia and exposed the teeth.

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